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Subject: Latin American Briefs

Latin American Briefs

By The Associated Press
   MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay (AP) -- As many as 6,000 sea lions could die
because of a large oil spill off Uruguay's Atlantic coast, a report
said Monday.
   The Panamanian tanker San Jorge ran aground Feb. 8, spilling oil
that has washed up on long stretches of beaches. Several sea lions
already have been found dead near Isla de Lobos, east of Punta del
Este, the navy said.
   Environmental experts quoted by El Pais newspaper said the death
toll could reach 6,000. Isla de Lobos is home to some 200,000 sea
   The tanker, carrying 370,000 barrels of crude oil, was headed
from southern Argentina to the Brazilian port of Sao Sebastian when
it ran aground. It is not known how much oil flowed out.
   The oil slick was broken up by chemical agents and many beaches
have been cleaned.