Subject: Data/Boston, MA/July 4 96/m/v Voyager II/

nicole viele (
Mon, 03 Mar 1997 11:30:42 -0500

Vessel: m/v Voyager II
Location of Port: Boston MA USA
Date: July 4 96
Sea State:
Wave Ht:1-3
Air temp: 
Water Temp:
Cloud Cover:4--50%
High Tide: 14:39

Time; LatN, LongW, Depth, Species, Number, Grouping, Behavior, Names,
Water Temp.
11:47, 			Bp, 10-15, 2+3+2+1+1+ect... feeding all around mother/calf
pair 							in a bunch.  Mother was 65-7-ft.
			Ba, 3+, 1+1+1, Minkes popping up(almost porpoising)
12:12, 797, 233, 	Mn, 1, Performing a patteren of behaviors...(Scar on
right 					side 1/2 between blowhole and dorsal)
				Chin breach followed by an immediate diving with it 				kicking its
flukes.  Stay down 1-2 min and came up open 				mouth for 1 min.  Would
then dive and come up open mouth 				chin breach.  Also noted was a wall
of fish 10ft below 				surface as seen on fish finder.  This whale was
seen 				from early morning to evening doing same behavior all 				day.
Day Totals: Hrs:, Min:45, Miles:, Mn:1, Ba:3+, Bp:10-15