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Subject: Oil spill kills 200 sea lions

Oil spill kills 200 sea lions in Uruguay

   MONTEVIDEO, Feb. 27 (UPI) -- Uruguayan authorities say an oil spill
earlier this month near the beach resort of Punta del Este has killed an
estimated 200 baby sea lions on nearby Isla de los Lobos ("EES'-lah deh
lohs LOH'-bohz") island.
   The Uruguayan army, with help from the Argentine navy, acted swiftly
to clean the beaches at Punta del Este after more than 1,400 tons of oil
spilled Feb. 8 from the Argentine ship San Jorge about 30 miles from the
   The spill blackened 15 miles (25 km) of the 45 miles (75 km) of
beaches at the Uruguayan resort, and also affected Isla de los Lobos
island, which is home to the world's largest colony of sea lions -- an
estimated 200,000.
   Authorities said Thursday that the oil blackened all 5,000 or so of
the newborn sea lions, and so far has killed about 200.
   They said a number of the mammals died from changes in body
temperature caused by being covered with oil. Others were not recognized
by their mothers and starved to death.
   The director of the National Fishing Institute, Sergio Galante
("SAIR'-hee-oh gah-LAHN'-tay"), said that work to clean up the island
and the sea lions using a non-toxic absorbent would take two months to
   The government has also ordered the suspension of clam harvesting at
Isla de los Lobos.

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