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Dear Marmamers,
Please find enclosed a news article from the High North Web News
concerning IWC-Secretary Gambell's proposed solution to the IWC's

Yours sincerely
Rune Frovik, High North Alliance,

International Whaling Commission's Stalemate:
Secretary Gambell Proposes "Final Solution"

High North Web News (3 Mar. 1997): At a conference in Reykjavik
1. March, the Secretary to the International Whaling Commission
(IWC), Ray Gambell, expressed optimism concerning the
possibility to reach a "final solution" to the Commission's
present stalemate. Gambell's proposal for a "final solution" is
to permit "traditional and cultural" whaling activities within
the 200 nautical miles EEZs, combined with no whaling on the
high seas.

When questioned on the specific content of the term
"traditional and cultural whaling", Gambell was not willing to
specify what he had in mind. But from what is already stated in
his lecture it is clear that his proposal would also allow
commercial whaling. The proposal would "reflect the economic
realities" and allow those communities wishing to "maintain and
continue" their "traditional and cultural" whaling activities
to do so, he said.

In the subsequent debate the representatives of the whaling
interests did not share Gambell's optimism. "It is
inconceivable that the IWC-majority will accept such a
compromise. Countries like Australia, New Zealand, USA and UK
have committed themselves so strongly to end commercial whaling
that it is hard to believe that they suddenly will change their
policy," the secretary of the High North Alliance, Georg
Blichfeldt, stated.

Gambell explained that his optimism was based on the closed and
informal IWC-commissioners meeting in Grenada in January.

For information about the Grenada meeting please see High North
Web News articles from 19 December 1996 and 26 November 1996.