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Subject: Search continues for Phil the

Search continues for Phil the manatee

   MIAMI, March 12 (UPI) -- Phil the manatee continues to elude local
rescue workers who are afraid that as the young animal grows the wire
accidentally wrapped around his body will squeeze him to death.
   The Miami Seaquarium tourist attraction has asked the Florida
Department of Environmental Protection to help find the manatee who has
been swimming in Biscayne Bay south of Miami.
   Marine biologists fear Phil and his sea cow companions may soon head
north for the summer and be lost forever.
   The state's chief manatee biologist, Scott Wright, plans to be in
south Florida Thursday with a boat and a net to try to rescue the
   Phil spent a couple of days in a south Dade County canal last week,
where he was spotted by would-be rescuers, but he eluded them and has
not been seen since.
   Rescue workers have been chasing Phil, believed to be about 2 years
old, for two winters. He is gray, a little smaller than adult manatees
and his flesh bulges out around the cord or wire that is endangering his
   Officials say they believe the cord may be from a commercial fishing
rig, but they cannot be sure until they capture the manatee and free him
from his constraints.