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Subject: Bullets found in beached whale

Bullets found in beached whale

   KEY WEST, Fla., March 12 (UPI) -- A necropsy on a 30-foot Minke whale
that grounded itself in the lower Florida Keys has revealed the 30-foot
animal had been shot five times before it died.
   Logan Gregory of the National Marine Fisheries Service said today
(Wednesday) this is the first time he has investigated the shooting of a
marine mammal.
   The whale was discovered stranded on the beach last week. Strandings
are not unusual in the Keys and rescuers tried to move it off shore. But
about two miles out it died.
   The necropsy revealed the whale was probably killed by the beaching,
dying of the four-ton body crushing its own organs. But the beaching
could have been caused by the bullets.
   Becky Barron, director of the Wildlife Rescue of the Florida Keys,
said today (Wednesday) investigators were collecting evidence, including
the bullets and pictures from volunteers and the necropsy. She said she
was hoping to raise money from other environmental groups to post a
   She says, "Hopefully the same kind of people who would shoot a whale
would have the kind of friends who would turn them in for a few dollars.
   She says "The bullets may have caused it to come in close to shore.
Some of the bullets were beginning to abcess in there. No matter how big
you are, five bullets in you are bound to do something.
   There are believed to be about 500,000 Minke whales in the oceans of
the world.