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Date: Fri, 14 Mar 97 14:24:00 GMT 
Subject: Whale latest victim of Florida

Whale latest victim of Florida gunplay

    KEY WEST, Florida, March 12 (Reuter) - A whale has become an
unlikely victim of violence in gun-happy south Florida.
     A four-tonne Minke whale that beached on Big Pine Key was
found to have five bullets in it. Police said on Wednesday they
believed boaters in the Florida Keys opened fired on it.
     "We're pretty amazed that people out there are doing this
sort of thing," said Becky Barron, director of the Wildlife
Rescue of the Florida Keys.
     The whale was first discovered stranded in shallows off Big
Pine Key last Wednesday. It was refloated but died the next day.
A necropsy found five bullets in its body.
     Baron said the whale probaly died as result of the stranding
but said some of the bullets were abscessing.
     "No matter how big you are five bullets in you are bound to
do something."