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State of Florida Department of Highway Safety and ...

    State of Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
Announces Manatee License Plate Number One Seller in 1996 for Second
Year in a Row

    TALLAHASSEE, Fla., March 12 /PRNewswire/ -- The State of Florida
Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has announced the Manatee
license plate was the number one seller in 1996 for the second year in a row,
selling 159,732 plates and raising $2.4 million.  Collectively, 30 specialty
tags in 1996 raised more than $15.8 million.
    The biggest dollar producer once again was the panther plate which raised
$3.7 million at $25 each.
    The 10 most popular specialty license plates in Florida based on numbers
sold were:

                  1995                           1996
    1           Manatee                        Manatee
    2           Panther                        Panther
    3           Challenger                     Challenger
    4           Florida State University       University of Florida
    5           University of Florida          Florida State University
    6           U.S. Olympic                   U.S. Olympic
    7           University of Miami            Education
    8           Florida Salutes Veterans       Florida Arts
    9           Education                      Florida Salutes Veterans
    10          Florida Arts                   University of Miami

    Approximately 800,000 vehicles have specialty tags assigned to them, less
than eight percent of the total vehicles eligible to purchase special tags.
    The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) is responsible
for the production of these license plates and works with the organizations
benefiting from the funds to design the license plate.  DHSMV distributes
license plates to all county tax collectors where citizens can make their
    The fees for specialty license plates are set by the legislature and range
from $15 to $25.  This fee goes to the organization(s) designated by the
legislature to benefit from the sale of the license plate.
    This special fee is assessed in addition to the annual taxes and fees
which are assessed by vehicle weight:
    Automobiles up to 2,499 pounds     $26.60(A)
    Automobiles from 2,500-3,499 lbs.  $34.60(A)
    Automobiles 3,500 lbs. and up      $44.60(A)
    Currently, Florida has 38 license plates which raise funds for various
purposes (not all were available for sale during 1996).  Additional license
plates frequently are proposed to the Florida Legislature.  To propose a new
license plate, organizations must submit to DHSMV:
    -- 10,000 signatures from individuals who would like to purchase the
specialty license plate,
    -- $30,000 application fee to defray the department's expenses for
reviewing the application and developing the license plate, and
    -- A short and long term marketing strategy and financial analysis.
    Following departmental review, the legislature must then approve any new
specialty license plates.

    (A) When the metal plate is issued initially, an additional $10 fee is