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Subject: WA: Attempts to rescue strande

WA: Attempts to rescue stranded dolphins

   PERTH, March 13 AAP - Six dolphins were stranded in knee-deep
water in Geogrup Lake south of Perth after low tides cut off the
passage to the nearest estuary, the Department of Conservation and
Land Management (CALM) said today.
   CALM's chief wildlife officer Dave Mell said nine CALM officers
with the help of local residents were attempting to rescue the
dolphins, using slings to carry them across mudflats, or floating
them upstream.
   They would then be transported by road to the nearby Mandurah
bypass bridge, 74 kilometres south of Perth, and released into the
Peel-Harvey estuary, Mr Mell said.
   He said the dolphins were in particular danger of getting
sunburn or other skin conditions in the shallow water.
   "The main priority at this stage is to prevent the animals
becoming stressed or sunburned," Mr Mell said.
   "The animals are in reasonable condition. They are subdued but
there is one calf which we will have to ensure is not separated
from its mother."
   Mr Mell said CALM successfully used a similar rescue technique
in a seven-hour operation to rescue eight dolphins trapped in the
same lake in October 1990.