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Subject: More Life Beneath Earth's Surf

More Life Beneath Earth's Surface Than Above, Scientists Find

    There may be more life beneath earth's surface than on its surface. There
is little doubt that a "deep biosphere" exists, scientists say; at issue are
its nature and extent.  The recent, rapid growth of interest in the existence
of microbial life in the seafloor and continental subsurface has created a
need for information synthesis to guide development of research strategies and
    A workshop funded by the National Science Foundation and NOAA, and co-
sponsored by the RIDGE Program, Ocean Drilling Program/USSAC (United States
Science Advisory Committee), NOAA VENTS Program, and University of Washington
Volcano Center, will bring together more than 100 scientists working in this
field to critically review evidence for subsurface microbial life.  They will
also consider the diversity of organisms living in the subsurface; review
physiological adaptations of organisms to the subsurface environment and their
influenceon geochemical processes; and discuss research strategies for
sampling and observing the subsurface biosphere.
    Workshop conveners will report on flndings at the March 19th press

    WHO:     "Deep Biosphere" Researchers

    WHAT:    Media briefing on results of subsurface
             biosphere scientific workshop

    WHEN:    Wednesday, March l9th, at 1:00 p.m.

    WHERE:   American Geophysical Union. 2000 Florida Avenue, N.W.,
             Washington, D.C., Conference Room C

    CONTACT:  Cheryl Dybas of the National Science Foundation,
              703-306-1070, or