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Subject: Marine experts on stand-by aft

Marine experts on stand-by after whale rescue fails

  By Jackie Brown, PA News
   There was mounting concern this morning that Moby the sperm whale has
to shallow waters in the River Forth following a major rescue operation
yesterday to help him on his way.
   Deep Sea World aquarium, which co-ordinated yesterday's rescue, said it is
sending boats out to carry out a sweep of the area around the Forth rail bride
after unconfirmed sightings of the 40ft mammal.
   "We would be very disappointed if it is back," said a spokesman for the
aquarium this morning.
   A rescue operation was mounted yesterday after Moby had spent two nights
trapped in the shallow waters of the Forth.
   It is believed to be part of a pod of four whales which got lost on the way
the Azores and ended up in the busy estuary. The other three whales are
to be waiting for Moby further down river.
   Marine experts suggested the beast was frightened by the sound of traffic
the Forth road and rail bridges.
   A flotilla of eight boats - including a tug - yesterday formed a horseshoe
shape to force the animal to go under the bridges.
   They finally succeeded yesterday evening - helped by another whale seen at
rail bridge, which it is believed used sonar communication to get Moby to join