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Subject: Britain-Whale Freed

Britain-Whale Freed

   EDINBURGH, Scotland (AP) -- It took four days, but a
disorientated sperm whale nicknamed Moby was heading to the open
sea today after rescuers finally guided him out of a Scottish
   A flotilla of boats directed the 40-foot whale out of the Firth
of Forth late Sunday. Earlier in the day, rescuers had to nudge him
off a sand bank, where he became stuck for several hours.
   Moby, who is on his way to the Azores to breed, was first seen
deep inside the River Forth on Thursday. He apparently was
frightened by traffic from busy road and rail bridges that span the
Firth of Forth.
   Encouraged by rescuers in boats, he eventually swam under the
bridges toward the open sea Saturday, but was pushed back up the
river during the night by strong spring tides.
   Hundreds of people lined the banks of the river Sunday to watch
an oil company tug and a police boat help the whale off the sand
bank at Cramond, west of Edinburgh. The rescue took about five
   "I don't want to see Moby again -- much as we like him," said
police Sgt. Duncan McNab.