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Subject: Sperm whales' brains are world

Sperm whales' brains are world's largest

  By Paul Peachey, PA News
   Moby the sperm whale may have floundered in two metres of water in the River
Forth but the animals can dive down more than 1km in the ocean.
   :: The sperm whale is the largest toothed whale and grows up to 18 metres
   :: They have the largest brain of any animal, weighing more than 9kgs, and
were the whales made famous in the novel Moby Dick.
   :: The sperm whale is one of about 78 species of whale in two main groups.
   :: The largest is the blue whale which can be more than 32 metres long.
   :: A minke whale died last year after it became stranded on the shore of the
Thames at Purfleet, Essex.
   :: A billion dollar American submarine detection system revealed this year
that rare blue whales were still present in British waters.
   :: Waters north and west of the British Isles, where the Gulf Stream meets
Arctic, are particularly popular with whales.
   :: A humpback may be the fastest whale in the world - one migrated from
to Hawaii in 39 days, covering 2,775 miles.
   :: Sperm whales have been stranded in Belgium over the past two years - the
first to be washed up there in any numbers since 1762.
   :: Sperm whale beachings have increased in Europe and scientists said they
often caused by illness or injury.