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Upcoming Conference:

1997 JOINT New Zealand Marine Sciences Society and the Australian Marine
Sciences Association

"Integrated Approaches to Marine Science"
8-11 July 1997 - University of Auckland
Auckland, New Zealand

Special Symposium on Marine Mammals:
Some proposed topics include:

Ecotourism and marine mammals
Ecology and evolution of pinnipeds
Management and scientific value of strandings
Conservation genetics of endangered marine mammals
Population status of baleen whales in the Southern Hemisphere
Fisheries interactions with marine mammals

If you are interested in attending, please contact conference organisers
(see below).  If you
are interested in the symposium on marine mammals, please contact Scott
Baker or Franz Pichler
Scott Baker   
Franz Pichler 


General Information about the conference follows:

The New Zealand Marine Sciences Society and the Australian Marine Sciences
Association invite all interested persons and members to attend the Joint
NZMSS-AMSA Scientific Meeting in Auckland, July 8-11, 1997.

The Conference:
The theme "Integrated Approaches to Marine Science" has been chosen to
encourage marine scientists from all disciplines to participate in
recognition of the growing need for multi-disciplinary approaches to
marine science. Contributions are invited from all disciplines and areas
of marine science. We will provide a format of concurrent sessions
incorporating well focused mini-themes that will allow participants to
present their work to the most appropriate audience.

All those wishing to present their research are encouraged to attend,
regardless of topic or discipline.

Plenary Themes
There will be daily plenary session with keynote addresses that will
provide overviews of the current status and future direction of marine
science in the areas of:

Integrated approaches to fisheries research and mariculture development.
Chris Francis. National Institute of Water and Agriculture Research.

Community and indigenous based management of marine resources. Bob
Johannes. Tasmania

Physical, chemical and biological dynamics of soft sediment systems. Larry
Mayer. University of Maine

Coastal ocean modelling: recent developments and applications to resource
management. Kerry Black, University of Waikato

Interactions between marine organisms and their environment. George
Branch. University of Cape Town.

Management Day (Wednesday July 9)
An entire day will be devoted to marine management issues and research. A
high level of participation is encouraged from non-research oriented
delegates who are invited to attend this particular day of sessions
devoted to communicating what science has to offer managers, and also
allowing scientists to get a better picture of exactly what kinds of
research is required for effective management decisions.

Public Session
The Management Day will be capped off with an open public session
addressing the issue of the creation of marine protected areas in the
Hauraki Gulf situated adjacent to Auckland, New Zealand's most heavily
populated area.

More Information and Registration Forms are available at:

or contact Gary Tomlin or George Dibley (Conference Organisers) at: