Subject: Sperm Whale:Fresh fears for misguided Moby (fwd)

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Subject: Fresh fears for misguided Moby

Fresh fears for misguided Moby

  By Paul Riddell, PA News
   Fears were growing tonight that Moby the misguided mammal, subject of a
four-day rescue operation in the Firth of Forth, could be heading back up the
river into danger.
   Experts had thought the 40 foot sperm whale was swimming out into the North
Sea to rejoin three other sperm whales on their migration from the Arctic to
   But, according to unconfirmed reports tonight, Moby was sighted near Cramond
Island in the shadow of the road and rail bridges across the Forth.
   "We have had reports from the public that Moby has been seen there but we
unable to say for sure if it is him until we have more information," said Keith
Todd, curator of the nearby Deep Sea World.
   "If it is Moby he is going back into the area known as the trapping area
where he is in danger."
   Mr Todd said there was little that could be done tonight because of the
and because the river was very choppy, making sightings difficult.
   "If he does run into trouble we will have to assess the situation and look
all our information."
   But Mr Todd could not discount the possibility that members of the public,
anxious to help, had confused Moby for another mammal in the river.