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Subject: Med. Monk Seal Conservation Guidelines

The Mediterranean Monk Seal Conservation Guidelines

Since 1978, there have been numerous meetings to discuss what needs to
be done to save the Mediterranean monk seal from extinction.

Despite general agreement about priorities for action, there has been
remarkably little progress in implementing the necessary conservation
measures. In 1995, Bill Johnson and David Lavigne synthesized the
available information into a single set of "conservation guidelines."
These guidelines have been widely endorsed by the international
conservation community.

To quote from the Second International Conference on the Mediterranean
Monk Seal, held in La Rochelle in 1984:

"...there is no longer time for discussion -- only for action."

The "guidelines" are currently being translated into French, Greek,
Spanish and Turkish. In the interim, the original English version is
available for download from the IMMA web site in Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
format (

Point your browser to to directly
download the Mediterranean Monk Seal Conservation Guidelines.


Dave Johnston