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The following articles were uploaded to MarmamNews in March 1997.
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   150 CFR Part 648 Fisheries of the Northeastern

   FED: Defence stands on record for Tandem Thrust enviro...
   Massive Slaughter and Brutality of Marine Mammals by Ecological
   NSW: War games will hurt dugong population say Greenies

   Govt comes under fire as it okays Nobbies development
   WA: Premier can't guarantee no mining in Shark Bay
   Minson says Australians misled on World Heritage
   FEATURE-Whales, salt miners share promised land

   CMC: Federal Foot-Dragging Threatens Future of Sea
   Greenpeace Demands Swift 'Endangered' Listing of ...
   Greenpeace urges protections for Steller sea lions

   QLD: Tribal hunters to back off dugongs

   QLD: New animal welfare laws planned
   Elusive Florida manatee dying slow death

   Bullets found in beached whale
   State of Florida Department of Highway Safety and ...
   Whale latest victim of Florida gunplay
   Search continues for Phil the manatee
   Whale Shot
   Search continues for Phil the manatee

   Elusive Florida manatee caught, spared death
   WA: Attempts to rescue stranded dolphins

   Stranded dolphins ferried to safety
   Disabled manatee caught; it's a girl!
   Reward offered in Florida whale shooting case

   Manatee Rescue
   Scientists rescue manatee in danger after yearlong search
   VIC: Govt urged to rewrite whaling treaty

   EXP--Whale Summit
   More Life Beneath Earth's Surface Than Above, Scientists Find
   Chicago aquarium hopes rivalry will boost potency
   Young Female Beluga Whale Arrives at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium
      From Shedd Aquarium
   Reward request in slaying of whale

   PHOTO: Seal protest: New York
   Whale Away

   YALE UNIVERSITY: Trade loss from environmental ...
   Blue whale dies after washing up on Chilean beach
   Concern for whale trapped by traffic noise
   Moby makes break for the sea
   Large Schools of Dophins Cause Trouble

   Rescue mission to save trapped whale
   Demand for aphrodisiac may push sea lion culling
   Life-saving mission for Moby
   Mate's message makes Moby gets a move on

   New life-saving mission launched for Moby the whale
   Marine experts on stand-by after whale rescue fails

   Sperm whales' brains are world's largest
   Tide of hope as Moby fails to resurface
   FED: Senior Federal official to resign
   Baby Whale's Life in Danger
   Freedom at last for Moby?
   Baby gray whale dies
   Britain-Whale Freed

   Fresh fears for misguided Moby
   Greenpeace in Sea Buy-up plan
   NZ protects sea-lions but draws Greenpeace fire
   Baby gray whale dies
   Baby whale rescued off California dies

   Deep mystery over Moby's whereabouts
   Leave Moby alone now, say experts

   Experts ponder over fate of whale

   DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE National Oceanic and ...

   PHOTO: Britain-Whale: Queensferry, Scotland
   Wrong turning' may have doomed Moby
   BRF--Stranded Whale
   Hopes fade as whale is stranded again