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Subject: Latin American Briefs

Latin American Briefs

By The Associated Press
   BRASILIA, Brazil (AP) -- A 6-year-old manatee has given birth to
twins, the first manatee birth in captivity in South America and
only the second such event ever, government scientists said Friday.
   The mother manatee, Sereia, gave birth to two female cubs
Thursday at the government's Manatee Project, located on Itamaraca
island, 1,400 miles northeast of Brasilia.
   "The two cubs appear healthy and are in stable condition but
we're a little concerned because they are very small,"
veterinarian Francisco Colares said.
   Newborn manatees normally weigh about 70 pounds. One of the new
cubs weighs 40 pounds and the other only 35 pounds.
   The Manatee Project rescues manatees in distress -- often cubs
whose parents have been killed by fishermen -- and helps them
recover with the intention of setting them free.