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Subject: Lawmakers ask Clinton to push

Lawmakers ask Clinton to push Japan to save whales

    WASHINGTON, April 24 (Reuter) - A bipartisan group of
lawmakers urged President Bill Clinton on Thursday to press
Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto to stop Japan's whale hunts in
the Antarctic.
     Hashimoto is due to meet Clinton on Friday in Washington.
     "We are writing to urge you to take immediate action on
behalf of the world's great whales," 15 U.S. representatives
and one senator said in an April 23 letter to Clinton, released
on Thursday.
     The United States last year threatened to impose trade
sanctions on Japan for defying international efforts to protect
whales, but Clinton deferred an embargo, asking the State
Department to resolve the problem with Japan.
     The effort failed, and Japan's whaling fleet recently
returned from the Antarctic with a record kill of 440 minke
whales that the Japanese said was for scientific research,
according to the World Wildlife Fund.