Subject: Finback whale corpse floats in (fwd)

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Date: Mon, 12 May 97 22:56:00 GMT 
Subject: Finback whale corpse floats in

Finback whale corpse floats into Boston Harbor

    BOSTON (Reuter) - The badly-decomposed corpse of a
30-foot-long finback whale washed into Boston Harbor Monday,
possibly dragged in unintentionally by a ship, officials said.
     The whale, weighing perhaps 25 tons, had been dead for quite
a while, said Susan Gedutis, a spokeswoman for the New England
     Experts could not tell what the cause of death was, she
said, adding: "It's very possible that this animal was dragged
(into the harbor) by a large ship. The ship quite possibly did
not even know it was dragging it."
     Finback whales, which can grow up to 90 feet and weigh 80
tons, are not an endangered species but are protected, Gedutis