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Subject: Mediterranean Sea Sancturay

Mediterranean Sea Sanctuary

The Corsican-Ligurian basin, in the Mediterranean Sea, includes one of the
most important cetaceans habitats.
Large pelagic fish and almost the two-thirds of the regular Mediterranean
cetacean fauna engage here in breeding, calving and feeding activities.
Particularly, this area represents the Mediterranean summer-feeding ground
for fin whales (Balaenoptera physalus).
The basin is also one of the most densely populated zones of the
Mediterranean Sea during summertime when fin whales congregate to feed. In
recent years in addition to commercial traffic, fishing activities,
pollution and habitat destruction, commercial whale-watching is developping
in uncontrolled way: this could expose fin whales to serious long term threats.
In march 1993 the Governements of France, Italy and Monaco declared the area
Sanctuary for cetaceans. The aim of the Sanctuary is to protect marine
habitat and to manage human activities in the area. This declaration has not
yet been implemented.
Europe Conservation, together with other NGO'S and official bodies, during
this last year set up a program in cooperation with the Nature Conservation
Dept. of Italian Ministry for Environment, in order to start up the
Sanctuary implementation.
In the program we included the creation of an international authority to
allow managing and control of industrial and commercial activities carried
out in the area, including whale-watching and to provide marine-related
research, public awareness projects and cetaceans long term monitoring
research .
The importance of the area is already recognized by the general assembly of
IUCN (19.92) and by motion by Europe Conservation France (adopted the 15th
1996) to include the Sanctuary in the future list of "Specially Protected
Areas of Mediterranean Importance (SPAMI list).
We really need to ward off that a long negotiations period delay the
Sanctuary implementation.
If you would like to express your support of the Sanctuary, please direct
letters to:

Europe Conservation Italia
Via del Macao 9, 00185 Roma Italia