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Subject: CITES Information Service

Dear Colleagues

WCMC is pleased to launch a new CITES Information Service on the WWW. This is
just the beginning!  What you will see at is a
prototype designed to show what can be achieved.

For instance, if you interested in the species themselves, go directly to the
interactive CITES-listed species database at (or step through the site
instead).  Where else on the Internet can you discover what CITES-listed
species occur in a country or find out when particular species were listed?

Alternatively you can access the Resolutions and Decisions from past
Conferences of the Parties and many other documents. Where possible we
provide this information in each of the three official languages used by
CITES (English, French and Spanish). The trilingual facility will be expanded
as the site is developed further.

We are very grateful to the CITES Secretariat for their advice in developing
this prototype, and to the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (UK) and the
European Commission (DGXI) for their additional support.

We know there is much more to add to the site and we shall be working
continually to improve it. In order to make it as useful as possible we need
to know what YOU would like to see on the site and how you would like to see
it, so please give us feedback and the chance to cater for your needs. Just
click on the word "comments" at the footer of each page and fill out the
form. Alternatively contact me directly by email.

I will be at CITES COP10 in Harare, June 9-20th, and would be happy to
discuss the development of the prototype with anyone who is interested.

We hope this site will be of use to you.

Lorraine Collins

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