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Subject: Dolphin refuses any aid while

Dolphin refuses any aid while trying to revive calf

    GIBSONTON, Fla. (Reuter) - A bottlenose dolphin worked for
hours in a busy Florida waterway to revive her dead
offspring, nudging the calf and rejecting all aid, police and a
witness said Sunday.
     Police said a search was continuing for the carcass of the
three-foot calf, first seen Friday. However, bottlenose dolphins
often spend two or three days mourning before abandoning a dead
     "She pushed the calf and would come up beneath her, trying
to get her to move," said Rhonda Drummond, a worker at a bait
shop on the bank of the Alafia River, feeding into Tampa Bay.
"She wouldn't let anyone get near the calf."
     Drummond said she tried to separate the cow from the calf
out of fear the adult would injure herself, but each time
boaters approached the adult swam away.