Subject: World Whale Day Report 1997

mike williamson (
Tue, 1 Jul 1997 10:34:17 -0400 (EDT)

The World Whale Day 1997 Report

First, our thanks go out to all of our sponsors and supporters for providing
the encouragement and funds to make the first World Whale Day a event of
global standing.
Thanks and kudos to all who added their energy to this day.


Two day conferences were held on June 21 and 22 in Monterey, CA and Yachats,
OR. A large two day event was also held in San Lucias Islands. Smaller
events were held in Maui and  Sedona, and a World Whale Day concert was
given by pianist Paul Warner in Encinitas, CA. We estimate that over 1000
people participated in the first World Whale Day events!

If you would like copies of the summary of lecture notes entitled:

The Emerging Global Mind: ramifications of living with a planet with beings
with brains six times larger than ours.

Please email me and I will provide copies for you.

Results of our telepathic experiment for World Whale Day were inconclusive
but not insignificant. Although no whales were seen for the San Lucias whale
watchig expedition for World Whale Day. In oregon 17 California gray whales
were seen--more than the tour guide had ever seen, and in Monterey there
were sightings of blue whales just off the wharf and 500 dolphins seen in
the bay!

Our prayer for ending of all killing and violence to whales by 2002 burns
more brightly than ever. World Whale Day 1998 will be bigger than 1997 and
more people can receive the message that we share the planet with other
intelligent species...and should treat them so...

Many thanks to you all for helping make World Whale Day 1997 an educational

Reed Behrens
Director, World Whale Day

ps.  If you would like to receive (or have)  news updates on cetacean
activities I will create a special list--please  email me a reply as such.
This will allow the regular World Whale Day list to remain less active and,
presumably more appreciated and more closely read.