Subject: Seal Summary 7/16/97 Kiwi, Balti

mike williamson (
Wed, 16 Jul 1997 14:53:05 -0400 (EDT)

Hey there,

Just a quick note today.  We are continuing to get locations and data from
the harbor seal, same locations pretty much.  The dive data does indeed look
like she is doing more long dives (@5-10 minutes).  I think this is a good
sign of feeding.  We are looking at some of the haulout data today to see if
we can see any patterns.

More good news.  Dave's seal (excuse me "Kiwi") has made an appearance.  We
recieved three data messages this morning.  This is not enough for a
location, but it is a start.  The messages showd she is doing about 50-60
dives per six hour period with more long dives (10-15 minutes) than short.
We also have one six hour report that she spent roughly two thirds of her
diving time between 50-100 meters and about one third between 4-50 meters.
This is too little to say very much, but it means she is not right up
against the coast, and appears to be doing some longer dives compared to
when she was first released.  Whoever got that seal to send some signals,
have her send us a location OK?

more later
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