Subject: Data Seal Summary 7/18/97

mike williamson (
Fri, 18 Jul 1997 18:28:46 -0400 (EDT)

Just a short note before the weekend...we received no information yesterday
from either tag.  It seems those wacky funsters at NASSA were messing around
with their software and confused our system a bit.  The data is not lost
just delayed so there is not much to report today.  We have been getting
about ten to twelve messages from the harbor seal per day and four or five
locations.  She does not appear to be moving too far from where she was last
week but we will see what the weekend brings.  We would not expect her to
leave this area for a few months.  We will see...

As for "Kiwi".  We have not gotten a good location yet, however we are
getting a few dive readings per day.  The most recent had maximum dives to
80 meters.  This is good, but it is still shallow enough that she could
still be in the Gulf of Maine.  We will have to wait.  I'll send a more
early next week, unless something neat happens over the weekend.  Hoping the
glue and batteries last.....

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