Subject: Data Seal 8/19/97 MAC

mike williamson (
Wed, 20 Aug 1997 09:23:37 -0400 (EDT)

Subject: weather report from "Mac"


DATE      PERIOD    8-40	40-100	100-200	200-300	300-400	400-500	TOTAL DIVES
08-19             1           00               00               28
08           00           00                  36
08-19             2           00               00               26
08           00           00                  34

period 1=6AM-noon
period 2= noon-6PM

Jackie, Don,

Better news...
Looks like "Mac" may be out from under the weather.  We recieved four
signals this morning.  All were single messages, so no location.  Two of the
messages were incomplete, but here are the good ones.  The fact that these
are pretty consistant looks good to me.  Lets hope we get some good signals
over the next few days and maybe we will start getting some more locations.
Basically, this looks like he is not spending alot of time at or near the
surface, which is good for him, but will make tracking a little more
difficult.  Think good thoughts about the glue and keep your fingers crossed.


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