Subject: Data Summary 10/25/97 Gooch (fwd)

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Sun, 26 Oct 1997 06:51:02 -0500 (EST)

>From: Greg Early <>
>Subject: gooch
>WEEK 2 Update:
>This week was a nail-biter.  At the end of week one "Gooch" appeared to
have moved  roughly fifty miles offshore, due east of Cape Elizabeth Maine.
>From Oct. 15 - Oct. 21 we received scanty dive data messages and no location
information.  This was some cause for concern as we were not sure that he
was not continuing to swim further offshore, where it would be difficult or
impossible for him to feed.  Fortunately on Oct. 21 we again began receiving
locations and a larger number of dive data messages.  On the 21-23rd we
received more locations than in all of the previous days combined (9
locations).  These put him near the coast between Bailey Island (Harpswell)
and Cape Elizabeth (Maine), close to where he was before he took his
excursion offshore.  We have also received some data that shows he has begun
to haul out, although there does not appear to be a regular pattern as yet.
It appears that on October 21 he spent the greatest amount of time out of
the water since his release (@80% of the day).
>During the early part of the week it appeared that "Gooch" was spending
quite a bit of time either on the surface or doing quick shallow dives.
This appeared to be punctuated with occasional deep and long dives.  During
this time he did his deepest dives recorded to date (close to 200 feet) and
some of his longest dives (over 20 minutes!).  It is difficult to interpret
this data because we received so little during his time offshore.  After
returning to the coast, however it appears that "Gooch" is spending more
time at depths of 50-100 feet.  We are hoping that this is a good sign  and
he is beginning to establish a feeding pattern.
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