Subject: Class project 5th grade
Tue, 28 Oct 1997 14:22:03 -0500 (EST)

We are fifth graders at a school located in Naples, FLorida.  Each group in
our class is doing a research paper and project on whales.  This will
ultimately end in a trip to Sea World in Orlando.  Can you possibly give us
some information on the following types of whales. 
pilot whale
right whale
blue whale
beluga whale
sperm whale
minke whale
fin whale
grey whale
humpback whale
killer whale

Any information can help us.  We have spent some time researching in printed
books as well as multimedia encyclopedias. The problem is that most of the
pictures cannot be printed because of copyright limits.  That might be great
for us to have pictures of each of these types of whales.  
Our e-mail address is either SDAYSCHOOL@AOL.COM OR SEACREST12@AOL.COM.  Our
classroom teachers are Mrs. Masell and Mrs. Cutrone, and our tech teacher is
Mrs. Cassio.  All info can be addressed to any of these people or simply to
the fifth grade classes.  Thank you for any help.