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December 12, 1997

WhaleNet CD-ROM Field Guide to the Humpbacks 
and other Marine Mammals in the Gulf of Maine.

	We wish to announce the WhaleNet CD-ROM which will be available
for wholesale and retail sales for this coming whale watch season.
Release date is expected by March 1998.

The WhaleNet CD-ROM will include:

1. Over 1,000 individual fluke images of the current Gulf of Maine
Humpback Whale Catalogue.

2. Sighting Histories of the catalogued Humpbacks

3. Interactive search on the CD-ROM will allow users to search the
catalogue for images and sighting histories by:
		- name of individual whale
		- College of the Atlantic (COA) Humpback Whale catalogue
		- characterisitc markings of the fluke patterns.

4. Keys and images to identify the common marine mammals in the Gulf of

5. MAC and PC compatibility.

	Naturalists with laptops on board can log in fluke characteristics
and download sighting histories and fluke images while on board the whale
watch vessel.  

	Teachers and students can use this inconjunction with WhaleNet,
the Voyage of the Mimi materials, and other curriculum units.

	These an be sold on board whale watch vessels and book shops as
educational souvenirs.  Suggested retail price is expected to be $24.95.
Wholesale information available upon request.


	The CD-ROM is being produced by WhaleNet in conjunction with
Allied Whale of the Colege of the Atlantic.  WhaleNet is funded by the
National Science Foundation to enhance interest in Science and Math

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