Subject: Data/NSB/May 15 1998/Center for Oceanic Research and Education/Yankee Spirit

Center for Oceanic Research and Education (
Sun, 17 May 1998 18:08:17 -0400

Vessel:    Yankee Spirit
Port:         Gloucester, MA
Date:        May 15, 1998
Cruise Time:    1330
Weather:    Clear, Bright
Cloud Cover:    2/10ths
Wind Speed:     10-13kts
Direction:    Southeast
Visibility:    9k
Sea Ht:    3"- 1.5 feet
Swell Ht:    4-6 ft
Recorders:  L. Foerster, K. Gilmour

Species #    Time    Lat(42degrees)    Long(70degrees)    Behavior     

Mn 1	1538-1549	09' 297"		22' 108"		Entanglement**

Mn 2	1606-1625	09' 297"		22' 108"		Travelling	Infinity & ?

Mn 1+1	   1628		09' 297"		22' 108"		Slow travel	In area

Mn 2	1630-1644	09' 297"		22' 108"		Close approach
							& travelling	Littlespot? & ?

TOTAL:  7 Mn

** Entangled humpback whale observed - whale's tail entangled with net or
line.  From a distance, it appeared the whale was resting, but in effect,
the whale was "anchored" to the bottom, and struggling to surface in order
to breathe.  Researchers from the Center for Coastal Studies  (CCS) were
already in the vicinity looking for this whale, who was reported as
entangled earlier in the day, and as we came upon this whale, we notified
the CCS vessel.  As we left the whale and the CCS researchers, they were
getting ready to free the entangled whale.

Birds observed:  Greater Black-backed Gulls, Herring Gulls, one Laughing
Gull, Bonaparte's GullsCommon Terns, Double-crested cormorants, Loons,  two
Northern 							Gannets.