Subject: Data seal location 7/17/98, "Casino", "PoeGo" (fwd)

mike williamson (
Fri, 17 Jul 1998 15:59:52 -0400 (EDT)

Subject: seal location data, "Casino", "PoeGo"

Mike et al,

Location data for "Casino:

27583  Date : 16.07.98 08:00:04  LC : Z  IQ : 10 Lat1 : 44.852N  Lon1 :
27583  Date : 16.07.98 10:03:19  LC : 0  IQ : 46 Lat1 : 44.718N  Lon1 :
27583  Date : 16.07.98 10:49:03  LC : B  IQ : 00 Lat1 : 45.321N  Lon1 :
27583  Date : 16.07.98 11:43:53  LC : 0  IQ : 48 Lat1 : 44.769N  Lon1 :
27583  Date : 16.07.98 12:23:50  LC : 1  IQ : 56 Lat1 : 44.798N  Lon1 :
27583  Date : 17.07.98 06:04:26  LC : A  IQ : 00 Lat1 : 44.717N  Lon1 :
27583  Date : 17.07.98 07:43:16  LC : 0  IQ : 57 Lat1 : 44.687N  Lon1 :

These locations are still in the same general area, roughly fourty miles up
the coast of Nova Scotia from Halifax.  Many of the points are clustering a
small rock (too small to be an island) just off the coast.  It appears that
this is the area he is hauling out.  He has continued to make short
excursions up the coast and out into slightly deeper water (75 meters or
so), however it appears that he is returning to the coast regularly.  Power
on the tag is beginning to fluctuate and drop, this is usually a sign that
the batteries are running down.  We are still hoping for another few weeks,
but we will see (sixty days so far)

Locations for "PoeGo":

Hooded seal...PoeGo....NAIB#98-02Cc.....Released Eastern Point, Nahant,
Mass 7/15/98...PTT# 27580...Lat: 42.420...Lon: -70.906...17:30:00 GMT
27580  Date : 16.07.98 17:44:50  LC : A  IQ : 60 Lat1 : 42.692N  Lon1 :

This location puts him roughly ten miles off the coast of Cape Ann
(Gloucester, Mass), about thirty miles or so from his release point.  One
piece of good news is that the tag is signaling, as this lets us know that
the salt water switches that control transmissions are working.  So far we
have only gotten a few data messages from the tag, most of them telling us
that the tag was out of the water on the morning of the 15th (no duhhh) .
We do have one depth message that tells us that during a six hour period
(from 8:00-2:00AM) the night of 7/15-16 he did fifty six dives, twenty of
them to between 40-80 meters deep.  This means he had reached the edge of
deep water off the coast.  This may be good news as hooded seals dive and
generally feed at deep depths.  Also this puts him on a northerly track.
Hopefully we will have more data and location messages over the weekend.

Keep your fingers crossed.


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