Subject: Data seal location 7/21/98, "Casino",PoeGo" (fwd)

mike williamson (
Tue, 21 Jul 1998 21:35:57 -0400 (EDT)

Subject: seal location data, "Casino",PoeGo"

Mike et al.


Several locations, same general area.  He appears to be centering around a
cluster of small islands and rocks roughly forty miles up the coast from
Halifax.  It looks like he moves offshore and up the coast and has been
returning to the same general location to haul out.  I will try to get some
dive data worked up this week.

27583  Date : 20.07.98 08:50:32  LC : 0  IQ : 42 Lat1 : 44.807N  Lon1 :
27583  Date : 20.07.98 10:17:16  LC : 1  IQ : 58 Lat1 : 44.809N  Lon1 :
27583  Date : 20.07.98 10:55:50  LC : 0  IQ : 54 Lat1 : 44.807N  Lon1 :
27583  Date : 20.07.98 11:52:21  LC : A  IQ : 05 Lat1 : 44.781N  Lon1 :


After three days of holding my breath, some data and a location.  This
location puts him about 20 miles off shore midway between Boothbay and Bar
Harbor Maine.  While we are not getting much data from the tag we have a
few pieces that tell me that he has been spending a lot of time diving and
very little time at the surface.  A few data messages have indicated that
the majority of his time is spent below the surface.  We have two data
messages that tell us that he has spent a small percentage of his diving
time as deep as 200 meters and about 70% of his time between 80-150 meters.
 In these samples he is only spending a small amount (20%) of his time
between 0 and 20 meters.  This says a couple of things: first he is doing a
lot of deep diving (probably the bottom depth of the water he is in).  This
is good for him.  He is also spending very little time at the surface (good
for him, bad for me, as this will make him harder to track).  This tag is
also more streamlined than tags we have used in the past ( good for
him...less drag maybe not so good for it may not be getting as high
out of the water to signal). The dilemma at this point is that unless we
get more signals, we can't figure out why we are not getting many signals.
Hopefully things will improve.  Keep your fingers crossed.

27580  Date : 20.07.98 18:39:07  LC : B  IQ : 00 Lat1 : 43.659N  Lon1 :


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