Subject: Data Seal locations 7/22/98 "Casino", "PoeGo" (fwd)

mike williamson (
Wed, 22 Jul 1998 14:53:22 -0400 (EDT)

Subject: location data, seal "Casino", "PoeGo"

Mike et al,


More locations from "Casino".  Still in the same general area about 50
miles up the coast from Halifax N.S.  Dive data shows less diving overall,
but still some long dives (over 14 minutes!).  Dive depth is still modest,
but it looks as though "Casino" is spending some long periods (at least six
hours) either out of the water or at the surface (probably hauled out).  He
still appears to be spending a day or so at sea at a time and then
returning to the haulout( we will check closer, but right now it appears
that he is getting no more than 10 miles or so offshore).  Data from the
tag tells us that power is quite low.  This may be part of the reason for
some of the less accurate locations.  This tag has sent several hundred
more messages so far than "Mystic"'s so we will see.  Although "Mystics"
tag lasted for about 80 days (64 days for "Casino" as of today) "Mystic"
was not sending as many messages per day.  We will see, and hopefully get a
few more weeks of data.

27583  Date : 21.07.98 08:42:10  LC : 0  IQ : 50 Lat1 : 44.688N  Lon1 :
27583  Date : 21.07.98 09:53:48  LC : 0  IQ : 56 Lat1 : 44.751N  Lon1 :
27583  Date : 21.07.98 10:36:59  LC : A  IQ : 03 Lat1 : 45.186N  Lon1 :
27583  Date : 21.07.98 11:32:49  LC : 0  IQ : 47 Lat1 : 44.708N  Lon1 :
27583  Date : 22.07.98 06:49:12  LC : A  IQ : 00 Lat1 : 44.110N  Lon1 :


Another day of no locations or data.  Keep your fingers crossed.



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