Subject: Data Seal location 8/10/98 "Casino", "PoeGo" (fwd)

mike williamson (
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 18:41:21 -0400 (EDT)

Mike et al.

Below are locations for "PoeGo".  Our last message from "Casino" was six
days ago.  Although we did get a location that looked pretty good the dive
data from the tag was very strange (probably due to the power ( I hope).  I
will be doing some double checking on those messages, but I think we can be
fairly sure that we will not be hearing from the tag again.  Given the
power readings from the tag that we have been getting I think it is safe to
assume that the tag has run out of power and shut down.  All things
considered this was a very interesting and valuable tag run.  We received
78 days of data, 299 location fixes.  The locations covered a distance of
over 2,600 miles(how many miles per day does that work out to?) within a
range of over 25,000 miles. We received over 2300 data messages. From those
messages we collected over 750 data messages that gave us data on dive
duration and dive depth for over 130,000 dives.  We will be crunching up
the numbers for a while, but I will send along a summary of what we think
went on, once we have had a chance to look at the data a little more closely.

The short version of the story is that "Casino"'s track can be broken into
at least three main parts.  First he travel led across the Gulf of Maine.
This is an important finding, because so far all of the released seals we
have tagged have left the release location very quickly.  This is
important, because, it probably tells us why we so infrequently get follow
up information from tagged, rehabilitated seals..they
Second he moved up the coast of Nova Scotia staying well offshore doing
fairly deep and consistent dives.  For the last thirty or so days he as
moved north, up the coast, then south along the coast staying near shore,
doing shallower dives and hauling out frequently.  We can certainly say
that "Casino" survived following release for the full 70+ days of tracking.
 I think we may be able to make some educated guesses at how well he may do
in the future by looking at the dive data, however that will have to wait
until I can look more closely at the data  Basically, though, this will be
the last message about "Casino".


I can see this seal is going to be a problem.  Very strange things here.
First the good part...more locations.  These put him about 100 miles up the
coast from Halifax on the east coast of Nova Scotia.  Not having any
locations for the past few days I have to figure that he went around the
end and not overland, but who knows????  Also the dive reports with this
data are quite strange.  No sign of hauling out, but what appears to be a
long period of no diving (about twelve hours worth.  This is odd, because
we have gotten no messages indicating he is out of the water, or many
messages at all (if a seal was spending that much time at the surface you
would expect more signals).  We will see what the next few days bring, but
very strange indeed:

27580  Date : 08.08.98 08:44:43  LC : B  IQ : 00 Lat1 : 44.858N  Lon1 :
27580  Date : 09.08.98 20:58:02  LC : A  IQ : 00 Lat1 : 44.917N  Lon1 :
27580  Date : 09.08.98 22:38:19  LC : B  IQ : 00 Lat1 : 44.884N  Lon1 :
27580  Date : 09.08.98 23:22:37  LC : B  IQ : 00 Lat1 : 44.878N  Lon1 :



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