Subject: data/provincetown Ma/Provincetown Whale Watch/Ranger V

Erica Hall (
Sat, 29 Aug 1998 15:29:49 PDT

Vessel:Ranger V
Port of Departure:Provincetown Ma
Date:7 27 98
School/org:Provincetown Whale Watch
Sea State:2 (4)
Wave Ht:5-1 (2-4)
WInd Velocity and Direction:10 W 915-20 knots SW)
Air Temp:
Water Temp:
Cloud Cover:5%
Visibility:10 mi
High Tide (time):15 05
Recorder(s):Michelle Stefani

9:40,4210,7004,180,Mn,5,2+c/c+1,traveling,Salt + Tabasco
10:05,4210,7005,180,Mn,2,1+1,tail lob,tail breach,traveling
13:00,4209,7003,180,Mn,2,2,traveling,breaching,flip slap
16:00,4210,7005,180,Mn,1,1,breach,flip slap

Day Totals:10,Hrs:6,Mn:10

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