Subject: Grey whale hunt off Neah Bay
Wed, 21 Oct 1998 15:37:19 EDT

Makah Indians have received support to hunt grey whale from an unfortunately
compliant U.S. government.  In a back door deal, Makah treaty rights were
upheld over international law.  Anti-whaling activists are on the ground and
on the water in Seiku, the area closest to Neah Bay.  The Makah refuse to
allow anti-whalers to use the federally funded dock at Neah Bay; so much for
first amendment rights!  

It's clear that the issue here is the "edge of the wedge" wherein the first
grey taken will open the door to resumed world wide whaling under the guise of
native rights.  

Essential that this hunt be stopped.  I urge all marine mammal advocates to
contact their government representatives AT ONCE. Essential also that the hunt
be fairly reported; media now stay on the reservation and do not report on
anti-whaler positions.  Call your major media and request fair coverage be

It is expected that the whaling may take place on or about November 1.  After
that, winter conditions may prevail.  However, northward migrations may be
targeted, and the agreement under which the Makah are operating lasts for four

Anyone who can travel up to this area to aid in the protest should contact
PAWS in Seattle, or call Snow Creek Resort in Neah Bay.

Dian Hardy