Subject: Data/NSB/June 6 98/WCI/Daunty VI

Christine Laney (
Tue, 9 Jun 1998 10:25:57 -0500

Vessel: Daunty VI
Port of Departure: Gloucester, Mass. USA
Date: June 6 98
School/Org.: Whale Conservation Institute
Sea State: gentle
Sea Height: catpaw
Wind Velocity: 1-3 knots
Wind Direction: NW
Cloud Cover: 80%
Visibility: very clear
Recorder: Christine Laney

Time; Loran; Species; Number; Grouping; Behavior; Names; Notes

14:42-15:25; 13812/44256; Mn; 3; c/c pair and escort; trumpet blows,
probable nursing, close to boat, spyhops, rumble blow from mother; Escort
was Coral; trumpet blows occured when this group and the next group joined/
calf was heavily scarred along the left side and back down to tail, maybe
from a ship strike.

14:42-15:11; 13812/44256; Mn; 2; 2; spyhop, traveling; one was Equator;
group split from the above group.

15:30-15:46; 13817/44255; Mn; 2; c/c; breaching, probable deep feeding;
Thelassa and calf; n

15:55-15:56; 13819/44256; Bp; 1; 1; traveling; n; n

15:55-15:56, 13819/44256; Ba; 2; 1+1; traveling; n; n

15:57-16:02; 13819/44256; Mn; 1; 1; traveling; Tear; n

16:06-16:08;13819/44256; Mn; 2; 2; traveling; Equator; Tribble seen in distance

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