Subject: data Seal location 7/28/98 "casino","PoeGo" (fwd)

mike williamson (
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 14:19:03 -0400 (EDT)

Subject: location data,seal "casino","PoeGo"

Mike et al,

Not much to report today.  Locations on "Casino" only.  He still appears to
be keeping close to shore, hauling out for at least six hours at a time (he
was out of the water at around 3:00 AM EST on the morning of the 27th,
spent the mid day in the water, and was again hauled out that
night...around 3:00AM EST on the 28th).

27583  Date : 27.07.98 11:43:37  LC : 0  IQ : 40 Lat1 : 44.179N  Lon1 :
27583  Date : 28.07.98 07:22:18  LC : 1  IQ : 50 Lat1 : 43.926N  Lon1 :


No locations, but a couple of data messages.  Last location(yesterday) was
in an area known as Minas Basin, at the upper end of the Bay of Fundy.  His
dive depths appear to be fairly shallow (40 meters or so), but this is
probably as deep as it gets in this region (this is where the highest tides
in the world are, so depth is a kind of relative thing there).  The dive
duration messages we have gotten show that most of his dives are over five
minutes long and as long as fifteen minutes.

I will probably not be picking up e-mail until Monday, so there may be a
little break till then.



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