Subject: Data seal location "PoeGo","Jersey","Bristol","McHenry" (fwd)

mike williamson (
Wed, 25 Nov 1998 13:34:59 -0500 (EST)

Subject: seal location data "PoeGo","Jersey","Bristol","McHenry"

Mike et al,

A bit of a rest for the holiday (At least it looks like one seal is taking
the day off).  ...updates


One more location, a bit west of his location yesterday, but still in the
same general area.

27584  Date : 25.11.98 02:02:04  LC : B  IQ : 00 Lat1 : 41.618N  Lon1 :

Here are some of the first bits of dive least this is what I get
to look at.......

 33          162           01           60          99           82
  67        13     01           00           00          250

What does this mean??  This is dive depth and duration information for six
hours Tuesday night (about 8PM to 2AM).  It means that he did 163
dives...162 of them were between 9 and 30 feet deep (one was deeper)...82
dives were less than one minute long...67 were between 1-2 minutes
long...13 were between 2-3 minutes long and one was between 3-4 minutes
long.  No long or very deep dives so far, but hopefully this is just the
start.  We will be watching for things to change as he gets his "sea legs".


27567  Date : 24.11.98 11:56:20  LC : A  IQ : 00 Lat1 : 41.627N  Lon1 :

Same general area.  We will be looking at dive behavior next week to see
how things are going.


27581  Date : 24.11.98 12:41:51  LC : A  IQ : 00 Lat1 : 47.638N  Lon1 :
27581  Date : 24.11.98 14:34:39  LC : 1  IQ : 68 Lat1 : 47.635N  Lon1 :

Moving east, still close to shore off the south coast of Newfoundland.  No
sign that she has hauled out of the far...


27580  Date : 24.11.98 07:05:48  LC : 2  IQ : 57 Lat1 : 64.212N  Lon1 :


One location from about the same area and time as the last location from
yesterday.  This location was also sent while PoeGo was out of the water
(most likely hauled out on ice).  To save battery power the tag is
programmed to shut off if it is "out of the water" for more than eight
hours.  The last "dry" signal we received was about eight hours after the
first one we most likely the tag was out long enough to shut
down...Hopefully this means PoeGo is having a good rest on the ice, and the
tag will start up again once he gets back into the water. (While you are
having that second helping of turkey tomorrow, think of what it is like
where he is hauled out...almost 24 hours of night...and arctic cold... on
ice over water more than 1,000 feet deep...but hey.. it's where he lives...)  

more next week,

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