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Hi Karine,
	Thanks for writing.

On Sun, 21 Feb 1999, Karine Alyanakian wrote:

> Hi, I am in 7th grade, and I am doing a report on blue whales. I wanted to know if you could answer some questions.
> 1)First, of all do you know the life span of blue whales?

It is thought that they live to between 20 -40 years of age. It is
difficult to determine the age of baleen whales. Several method have been
tried (ear plugs, baleen layers, lens crystalization) but all have a
degree of uncertainly.

> 2)What is being done to conserve the blue whale and to prevent it from becoming extinct?

Most nations have stopped whaling or reduced "take". this alone seems to
be helping them and other whales make a comeback. It will be slow.

> 3)What are some agencies that are helping the blue whales?

IWC, Whalenet and many others.

> 4)Also, do you know where blue whales are from?

Blues are found in all the major oceans esp. along the continental
shelves. North Pacific, North Atlantic, and southern hemispheres are the
major recognised populations. They migrate from polar regions to warmer
temperate waters.

> 5)and, how can people get involved?

Well, you've already started, your starting to educate yourself about
whales. There are several links to oragizations that help whales in the
educational resources section of WhaleNet

> Thanks a lot, and I'd appreciate if you could answer those question for me, and send them to
> -Karine

If you have any more questions drop us a line here at whalenet and we'll
try to answer them, or at least guide you to the right answer.

Good luck,

Bob Cooper