Subject: Data/Provincetown,MA,USA/August 5 99/Cape Cod Whale Watch/Adventurer

Cape Cod Whale Watch (
Sun, 8 Aug 1999 16:28:10 -0700

Vessel: Adventurer
Location of Port: Provincetown,MA,USA
Date:August 5 99
School/Org: Cape Cod Whale Watch
Sea State:1
Wave Ht.:0-1 ft
Wind Velocity and Direction:SE/5 kts
Air Temp:82'F
Cloud Cover:40
Visibility:27 nm
High Tide (time):
Recorder(s):Gwen Kazlouskas

Time, LatN, LongW, Depth, Species, Number, Grouping, Behavior, Names, Water
Temp. & Density & Salinity

9:30, 42 11'N,70 18'W, 90',Mn,2,2,Logging,n,w
9:40, 42 13'N,70 20'W,150',Mn,3,1+1+1,feeding,n,w
9:50, 42 13'N,70 20'W,150',Ba,3,1+1+1,traveling,n,w
10:00,42 13'N,70 20'W,150',Bp,2,1+1,feeding,traveling,n,w
12:40,42 13'N,70 21'W,170',Mn,5,1+1+1+2,feeding,traveling,n,w
12:50,42 13'N,70 21'W,170',Bp,1,1,traveling,n,w
13:20,42 13'N,70 21'W,170',Ba,1,1,traveling,n,w
15:30,42,11'N,70 16'W, 75',Mn 6,c/c+2+1+1,feeding,traveling,n,w
16:20,42 09'N,70 20'W,140',Mn,2,2,traveling,n,w
16:30,42,09'N,70 20'W,140',La,~200,~200,traveling,n,w
16:35,42 09'N,70 20'W,140',Bp,1,1,traveling,n,w
16:40,42 09'N,70 20'W,140',Ba,1,1,traveling,n,w
18:30,42 10'N,70 18'W, 80',Mn,4,2+1+1,feeding,n,w

Day Totals: 	Hrs:12 Mn:22 Bp:4	Ba:5 La:~200