Subject: Orca In Bay of Fundy

mike williamson (
Mon, 23 Aug 1999 12:57:14 -0400 (EDT)

From: research vessel Abel J <>

Hey there...

    Just thought I would send you a short note to let you know that today we had 12-15 killer
whales in the Bay of Fundy.  The group included one very large male with a wrinkle/and wave
along the trailing margin of its dorsal.  There was also one very small calf.  We should have good
photos for the Identification of 6-7 animals.  The pod was spread out over 1000 meters, and two
animals approached the stern of the R/V Abel-J. 

21 August 1999
44.37.0N  66.10.6W
Bay of Fundy
Northwest of Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada
-about 12 miles from shore
group was traveling east
All the best, 
Frederick Wenzel aboard the R/V Abel-J, 35 day harbor porpoise cruise