An Introduction to WhaleNet Curriculum

From: Michael Williamson <>
Date: Thu, 23 May 1996 13:21:49 -0400 (EDT)

Welcome to the WhaleNet Curriculum Listserv

This section is providing a section for the sharing of teaching units in
all disciplines as they relate to WhaleNet and the environment.

You can subscribe to the wncurriculum listserv by emailing to:
and in the body of the message write only
subscribe wncurriculum

This will put your email into the listserv and you will automatically
receive the submissions to this area.
Otherwise to submit your unit for sharing, you can email to

* If you submit a unit please follow the following format
Subject: discipline, grade, your last name
Subject: Mathematics, Grade 8, Williamson
Please feel free to include a brief bio on yourself and comments on the unit

*If you want to review the submissions, you can access the
wncurriculum section through the WhaleNet homepage or directly by
using the URL.
You can bookmark this URL if you check this section regularly.

*If you have questions please email me at

J. Michael Williamson
   Wheelock College
   Principal Investigator-WhaleNet <>
   Associate Professor-Science
voice: 617.734.5200, ext. 256
fax: 617.566.7369

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