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Subject: Science & the Environment - September/October Issue

  Dear Science and the Environment Reader:

  Voyage Publishing has launched the NEW September/October
  1996 issue of "Science and the Environment" (S&E), and
  it is waiting for you online.
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  This issue features changes that make S&E more valuable
  than ever before, so be sure to read about them in Matt
  Hammond's Editor's Corner, and we'll greet you online!


  John S. Quackenboss

  You can find these stories at:

  Clean Air
  Technologies and policies for controlling stationary (factories, power
  plants) and mobile (automotive) emissions are covered. Urban smog, air
  quality updates, acid rain, reformulated gasoline, automobile fuel
  efficiency standards, air pollution trading and the effects of fossil
  fuel burning (coal, oil, gas) are also discussed.

  1.Scientists Report Lingering Legacy of Acid Rain
    -- Acres USA, June 1996
  2.Future Will See Growing Gap in Clean Air Benefits of EVs & Gasoline Cars
    -- Technology Review, August/September 1996 (Drew Kodjak)
  3.China Strengthens Commitment to Fight Vehicle Smog
    -- Reuters, 6/20/96
  4.Hydrogen Expert Says Health Hazards of Fossil Fuels Dwarf Tobacco
    -- The Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Letter, August 1996
  5.New Delphi Technology Targets "Cold-Start" Vehicle Emissions
    -- Delphi, August 1996
  6.Studies Indicate Hidden Sources of Dioxins and New Methods for Reduction
    -- Environmental Science & Technology, June 1996 (J. Raloff)
  7.MIT Scientists "Shed Light" on Hard to Track Smokestack Pollution
    -- Discover, July 1996
  8.California's Air Quality to Get Boost with New Clean Technology Center
    -- South Coast AQMD News, Summer 1996
  9.Smog-Free Messenger Service Has Fun, Makes Profits and Cleans Air
    -- Berkeley Insider/San Francisco Chronicle, (Hank Resnik/Janet Wells)
 10.SmogBusters Urges Los Angeles to "Buy It or Breathe It!"
    -- SmogBusters, Summer 1996

  Alternative Energy
  Articles focus on alternative modes of energy including bio-mass,
  hydrogen, fuel cells, wind energy, hydroelectric power, alcohol fuels,
  solar energy, geothermal energy and nuclear energy. Electric vehicles,
  natural gas vehicles and other forms of alternative transportation are
  also covered.

  1.World Energy Congress Spotlights Importance of Renewable Energy
    -- The Denver Post, 6/18/96 (David Algeo)
  2.California Experiments with 300-Foot-Tall Solar "Power-Tower"
    -- The Arizona Republic/Phoenix Gazette, 6/9/96 (David Wichner)
  3.Atlanta Summer Olympics' Natatorium Becomes Largest Solar Building
    -- Solar Energy Industries Association, August 1996
  4.Colorado Utility Gives Consumers a Choice Between Coal and Wind Power
    -- Knight-Ridder, 6/19/96 (Jim Carrier)
  5.BMW Working on 625-Mile-Range Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle
    -- The Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Letter, July 1996 (Peter Hoffmann)
  6.Could Sugar Be the Renewable Fuel of the 21st Century?
    -- Reuters, 6/25/96
  7.Oklahoma Co. Finds Profitable Market Selling Small-Scale Wind Turbines
    -- Bergey Windpower News, Summer 1996
  8.India Explores Wave Energy and Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion
    -- National Institute of Ocean Technology News, Summer 1996
  9.Rocky Mountain Institute Proposes "Synergy" Ultralight Hybrid Vehicle
    -- Rocky Mountain Institute, Summer 1996
 10.New Zealand Successful in Promotion of Energy Efficiency Programs
    -- EECA News, Summer 1996
  Biodiversity & Wildlife Conservation
  Presents news on plants and animals and their habitat. Covers such
  topics as endangered species, land use policies, wilderness
  preservation, forestry practices, national parks, wildlife refuges,
  wetlands and tropical rain forests.

  1.Native Mayans Key to Forest Preservation in Guatemala, Says Journalist
    -- Native Americas, Spring 1996 (Jacob Bernstein)
  2.Colorful Wildlife Inhabit Iceland's Volcanic Lake Myvatn
    -- Iceland Review, Volume 34, No. 2, 1996
  3.Eco-Tourism Lures Vacationers While Helping to Preserve Fragile Locales
    -- The Miami Herald, 7/1/96 (Dale K. DuPont)
  4.Desire for Pristine Environment and Adventure Boost Eco-Tourism in Belize
    -- Reuters, 8/14/96 (Paul Majendie)
  5.Are Efforts to Save Indigenous Species a Form of Xenophobia?
    -- The Geographical Magazine, Vol. 61, No. 4, 1996 (Paul Evans)
  6.Ralph Nader Decries Logging Practices in Tongass National Forest
    -- Los Angeles Times, 8/1/96 (Ralph Nader)

  7.Chase's In a Dark Wood Criticizes Pacific Northwest Eco-Extremism
    -- Reason, June 1996 (Robert H. Nelson)

  8.Wetland Mitigation Banks Strike Balance Between Development and
    -- Real Estate Finance Today, 7/15/96 (Marshall Taylor)
  9.Could Korean Demilitarized Zone Become a Bioreserve?
    -- Technology Review, August/September 1996 (Joy Drohan)

 10.Teddy Roosevelt: One of the First Modern Environmentalists
    -- The New York State Conservationist, June 1996 (Sandy Marvinney)


  Climate Change & Atmospheric Studies
  Topics include news on greenhouse gas emissions (carbon dioxide,
  methane), global warming and ozone depletion. International efforts to
  understand and address climate change are presented. News of
  weather-related phenomena such as El Nino, desertification, flooding,
  hurricanes, cloud cover and sea level change is also covered.

  1.Scientists See Antarctica as "Litmus Test" for the World's Climate
    -- Reuters, 8/6/96 (Maggie Fox)

  2.Scientists Support IPCC Global Warming Conclusion, Call for Quick Action
    -- Ecological Society of America, Summer 1996

  3.Renowned Scientist Finds "Disturbing" Fault with IPCC Climate Change
    -- The Wall Street Journal, 6/12/96 (Frederick Seitz)

  4.North American Nations Evaluate Projects to Mitigate Global Warming
    -- Commission for Environmental Cooperation, Summer 1996

  5.Secret to Global Warming Mitigation is in the Soil, Scientists Suggest
    -- Acres USA, July 1996

  6.National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin. Aims for Longer-Range Forecasts
    -- Discover, September 1996

  7.How's the Air Up There? NASA Scientists Tail Aircraft in Search of Clues
    -- Science News, 7/6/96

  8.NASA Space Shuttle Photos Further the Study of Earth's Climate
    -- Scientific American, September 1996 (Gunjan Sinba)

  9.An In-Depth Look at the "Mystery" of El Nino
    -- NOAA El Nino Update, Summer 1996

 10.World Meteorological Organization Keeps Close Eye on Ozone Layer
    -- World Meteorological Organization, Summer 1996

  Waste Management & Recycling
  The problems presented by garbage disposal, solid waste and hazardous
  chemical waste are presented. Recycling and source reduction are also
  discussed with a focus on their economic and environmental impact.

  1.The Electrifying Power of Trash
    -- Discover, July 1996

  2.Los Angeles Launches 24-Hour Environmental Hotline & Education Campaign
    -- Business Wire, 6/12/96

  3.Florida Recycling Fund Helps Companies Become Green
    -- The Bradenton (Florida) Herald, 6/11/96 (John Bicknell)

  4.Chicago Board of Trade Adds Recyclables to its Commodities Exchange
    -- Technology Review, August/September 1996 (Seth Shulman)

  5.Scandinavian Company Strikes Green & Gold with Reverse Vending Machine
    -- Reuters, 4/28/96 (Tanya Pang)

  6.China Struggles with Burgeoning Solid Waste
    -- Asia Environmental Review, No. 3, 1996

  7.Can an Integrated Environmental Policy Substitute for Current Regulations?
    -- Resources for the Future, June 1996

  8.Privatize Superfund, Says Competitive Enterprise Institute Scholar
    -- Cato Policy Analysis, No. 247, 1995 (James V. DeLong)

  9.Radioactive Waste Storage at Yucca Mountain Is Dead End, Says Report
    -- Nuclear Waste Policy at the Crossroads, Summer 1996 (Roert Loux)

 10.EDF Applauds Pro-Recycling Stance of Major Manufacturing Industries
    -- Environmental Defense Fund News, 7/25/96


  Marine Ecology
  All aspects of marine life are reported on including the latest efforts
  to protect whales, dolphins and other marine species. Fisheries, fish
  populations, coral reef preservation and oceanographic research are also
  covered along with the effects of oil spills, chemical disposal and
  sewage releases in the ocean.
  1.Jamaica, Other Caribbean Nations Strive to Ensure Sea Turtle Preservation
    -- Jamaica Journal, June 1996

  2.Acoustic Climate Tests Concern Biologists Studying Whale Communication
    -- Science News, 5/25/96 (Tina Adler)

  3.Biologists See Little Hope for Survival of China's Rare Pink Dolphin
    -- Reuters, 7/27/96 (Mary Binks)

  4.U.S. House Re-Opens "Dolphin-Safe Tuna" Controversy with Passage of Bill
    -- Los Angeles Times, 8/1/96 (Faye Fiore)

  5.Bering Sea Island Resident Spreads Eco-Awareness Through Education,
    -- National Wildlife, August/September 1996 (Marybeth Holleman)

  6.Large Scale Aquaculture, Shrimp Farms Spell Trouble for Environment
    -- Acres USA, June 1996

  7.Can New England Fishermen and Harbor Porpoises Co-Exist?
    -- Scientific American, September 1996 (David Schneider)

  8.Is the Clean Water Act Protecting U.S. Beaches?
    -- Consumer Reports, August 1996

  9.Antarctic Researchers Take Close Look at Penguin-Seal "Relationship"
    -- Natural History, August 1996 (Gordon S. Court)

 10.Dead Sea Organisms Could Be Key to Cleaner Water
    -- Discover, September, 1996
  Health, Population & Agriculture
  Articles present news on agriculture, food processing, bio-engineering,
  sustainable land use, population growth, immigration and refugee issues,
  epidemiology and medicine.

  1.Organic Foods Capture Growing Niche in U.S. Markets
    -- The Associated Press, 8/10/96 (Robert Greene)

  2.Congress Reaches Long-Awaited Compromise on Pesticide Regulations
    -- The Wall Street Journal, 7/18/96 (Timothy Noah)

  3.Americans Increasingly Turning to Vegetarian Meat Substitutes
    -- Mother Jones, July/August 1996 (Leora Broydo)

  4.New U.S. Farm Bill Supports Sustainable Agriculture
    -- Pesticide Action Network News, Summer 1996

  5.Reproductive Health Concerns Spur International Talks on Pesticide Ban
    -- The Economist, 8/3/96

  6.Scientists See Population Sustainability Issues in Many Shades of Gray
    -- Science News, 6/22/96 (Janet Raloff)

  7.Education Heralded as Key to Global Fertility Decline
    -- Scientific American, September 1996 (Rodger Dovie)

  8.Rapidly Growing Elderly Population Could Compound Emerging Nations'
    -- Science, 7/5/96 (Constance Holden)

  9.Scientists Venture Deep Inside Earth for Clues on Mars and Curing Cancer
    -- National Wildlife, August/September 1996 (Peter Nelson)

 10.Filipino Indigenous Group Harvests Non-Wood Products from Ancestral
    -- In Context, No. 41, 1996 (David Taylor)
  Clean Water
  Includes news on water quality issues related to rivers, lakes,
  aquifers, drinking water, sewage control, agricultural run-off,
  purification processes and fresh water ecology.
  1.American Rivers Releases "10 Most Endangered US Rivers" List
    -- World Rivers Review, June 1996

  2.Declining Darter Populations Indicate Ill Health of River Ecosystems
    -- Audubon, July/August 1996

  3.Mining Waste Threatens Colorado River
    -- National Parks, July/August 1996

  4.Congressional Bill Mandates Annual Report of Contaminants in Drinking Water
    -- Consumer's Research, August 1996

  5.State Legislators Warn Atlanta to Improve Sewage Treatment/Water Quality
    -- Columbus (Georgia) Ledger-Enquirer, 8/14/96 (Sara Oppenheim)

  6.Silenced Rivers Looks at the Environmental Toll of Large Dams
    -- International Rivers Network, August 1996

  7.China's Three Gorges Dam: Is the "Progress" Worth the Ecological Risk?
    -- Popular Science, August 1996

  8."Young" Icelandic Lake Teaches Valuable Lessons in Freshwater Ecology
    -- Natural History, June 1996

  9.S. Carolina Geochemist Finds Huge Volume of Groundwater Flowing into Ocean
    -- Discover, September 1996 (Kathy A. Svitil)

 10.World's Mountain Ecosystems Hold Key to Healthy Watershed
    -- People & the Planet, Volume 5, No. 1, 1996
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