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Subject: Science & the Environment - Editors Corner

  For the September/October Issue

                                 by Matthew Hammond

Welcome to the September/October issue of Science and the
Environment (S&E). We are now entering our second year with this
award-winning Web-Zine (

You will notice that we have made some exciting changes to the
magazine over the summer months which are sure to please you, and
this issue features one of the finest selections of environmental
stories to date.

S&E's new design and layout are the products of Craig Keith and
Douglas M. Smith. The cleaner, fresher look that you will find
throughout S&E reflects many of the professional values that Craig
made inherent in our new CD-ROM, which is scheduled for a September
24 release.

As always, S&E circumnavigates the globe in search of the most
intriguing environmental stories. Interested in the hottest trend in
travel these days -- Eco-tourism? We venture to Costa Rica, Belize
and Iceland to check out this new environmental mode of vacationing.
How about creative energy technologies and new methods to conserve
energy? We visit the World Energy Congress as they discuss emerging
alternative fuels, take a look at wave energy in India and examine
energy efficiency in New Zealand. How about marine ecology? We sail
down to Jamaica to investigate sea turtle conservation; we look at
the antagonistic relationship between leopard seals and Adelie
penguins in Antarctica; and we catch a rare glimpse of the
endangered pink dolphin in Hong Kong.

Other exciting topics that S&E covers this issue are: the unique
reverse vending machine designed by a Norwegian company (the machine
gives you cash for recyclables); the rapidly growing markets for
organic and vegetarian foods; a smog-free messenger service in
Berkeley, California; cooperative efforts between Mexico, the U.S.
and Canada to curb their emissions of greenhouse gases; and last but
not least, we voyage to the planet's greatest mountain ranges to
understand the vital role they play in providing clean water.

In keeping with our motto, "Bringing the World to You", S&E is now a
truly interactive Web-Zine. The majority of our stories contain
active links to other Web sites which expand on the subject matter
covered in our articles. We hope that you find these links make your
journey with us even more interesting.

Please feel free to drop us an email anytime with your questions and
comments. Your feedback is necessary for us to continue making S&E
an exceptional publication and educational tool. Be sure to continue
linking S&E to other sites. We appreciate the exposure and look
forward to hearing from you soon.

Matthew Hammond

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