New Curriculum Avtivity Worksheet

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Date: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 05:52:36 -0500

WhaleNet: Telecommunication and Education
Curriculum Application Worksheet

The WhaleNet web site contains an amazing wealth of information. It is
difficult to know how that information is being used in classrooms and
other educational settings. Our hope is to utilize the “curriculum
listserv” as a forum for sharing of curriculum activities that grow out
of exploration of the WhaleNet site. The following format may serve as
an aid in designing and documenting curriculum applications. We can then
post items on the listserv and create a working archive of curriculum
activities that are extensions of the WhaleNet program.

Teacher Name:


Activity Title:

Grade Level:


Goals of Activity:

Please Describe the activity:

Duration of activity:

Materials Needed:

How will WhaleNet be used as a resource? What features will be used?
Please include the title of the section of WhaleNet that is used (eg:
“Metompkin Data” or “WhaleNet Archive”):

Will any WhaleNet Affiliate's pages be used? Which ones and how? (Please
list the name of the affiliate and their URL):

What other internet resources will complement your project? Please
include the "URL" and a brief description of web sites used:

What other resources (books, magazines, videos, software programs,
etc.)will be used? Please include as complete a resource list as

What support will you or your students need from folks at WhaleNet in
order to engage in this project?:

Topic Suggestions

* Science: migration, food sources, productivity, sorting,
characteristics/attributes, classification/taxonomy, food chains, data
analysis (use data files to compare sighting rate, use ratios,
statistics, plot locations of sightings, relations to water depth),

* Geography: navigation, geographic land formations, migration, whaling
nations, watersheds

* Math: distances, rate of travel, compass direction, size, surface area
to volume ratios, feeding dynamics, amounts of food necessary

* Social Studies: whales and humans, history of whaling. history of
conservation, actions of the International Whaling Commission (IWC),case
studies in the WhaleNet listserv

* Language Arts: study case studies on various topics, comprehension,
write a summary/analysis of a topic based on a subject in the case
studies and information files,write creative stories or factual reports
on various organisms, whaler’s logs, expedition logs (Tabor Boy, etc.),

* Graphic Arts: “Lucy,” comparative diagrams, internal organ design,
“build-a-whale” (adaptations, form, and function), etc.
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