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Subject: Join the Where in the World is Cynthia San Francisco Project!

Greetings CyberTeachers-

Project: Where in the World is Cynthia San Francisco?

Date: The project will start on Monday December 1st, 1997 and end on Friday
December 12th, 1997. Please make sure that these dates do not conflict with
other events prior to registering for the project.

Purpose: This is meant to be a beginner's project that introduces both
students and teachers to using the Internet in unique and compelling ways as
an educational tool. It will focus on using real-time real world weather
data to solve the crime of the century. Students will learn how to use the
Internet, in particular the CoVis Weather Visualizer, to access scientific
weather data and how mathematics and science can be used to solve problems.

Subjects: Meteorology, Technology, Mathematics, Geography, and General Science.

Grade Level: Fourth to Eighth grade (other grades are welcome to join at the
discretion of the teacher)

Summary: Project Summary: This project will send your students on a real
world scientific investigation in which they will use Internet based
resources to solve the crime of the century. For a two week period, your
students will receive clues which will lead them to the location of the
United States' leading nuclear physist, Cynthia San Francisco, who has
recently been kidnapped by a hostile organization. These clues will come
from real-time weather data, such as satellite images, weather stations and
current weather maps. Students will use interactive weather web sites in
conjunction with the clues to determine the location of Dr. San Francisco.
Along with each clue will come a hands-on experiment/activity which your
students can explore to better understand the weather concept to which the
clue relates. With each new clue will come the answer to the last one, thus
allowing teachers and students to confirm that they are on the right track.
During the project, students will have the chance to collaborate with other
participating schools as well as with an expert meteorologist who will
answer all of their weather related questions. Below are more details about
this exciting project, including how to join.

Number of participants: Unlimited (we may need to set a cut off if we have a
large response to the project)

Project Coordinator: Josh Baron,

How to register: Please see the section titled, "How to Register" on the
project's web site
( You
will need to be able to access the World Wide Web using a form capable
browser and send/receive email. NOTE: We welcome the participation of any
interested parties but ask that you register ONLY if you are serious about
Joshua D. Baron
Senior Internet Curriculum Coordinator
Stevens Institute of Technology
Center for Improved Engineering and Science Education
Castle Point on Hudson
Hoboken, New Jersey 07030
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