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I was thinking about the proposed Environmental Impact ideas. Having only
two suggested is limiting, but I was thinking about Erin's idea about wind
farm prospects off of Cape Cod. This does offer opportunities in a number
of areas and if you/we do a good job it has a good chance of being
published in the Globe and/or making an interesting web page.

It deals with a number of environmental issues:
1) It addresses alternative energy sources which have the possibilty of
reducing air pollution and dependency on foreign oil supplies.
2) It addressed population issues that may broadly address Dawn's
interest. How does the increased population of the Cape affect energy
needs (genaralization of how does population affect energy needs in
3) It addresses conservation issues (psychology & politics).
4) It addresses technology applications to environmental issues.
5) It addresses possible biological/ecological impacts on the marine
6) It broadly affects how an increse in population affects a closed system
(the Cape which is actually an island due to the canal) and basic needs
like water, electricity, spaces, etc.

I just came up with these impact topics while walking. There are more
that you can come up with I am sure. If there are no other ideas or
impacts that anyone else feels strongly about then this looks like a good
topics. Does anyone have any ideas?

There is something there for just about everyone and it could serve as a
model. --

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