A Day on A Whale Watch

Chapter Three

At exactly 8:30 am, the captain in the wheel house blows the horn, the crew unties the ropes, and our boat slowly pulls away from the dock. We are on our way from the dock in Gloucester!!

Gulls Fighting

There is a lot of wildlife right here in the harbor! Gulls are flying around other boats and perched on top of many pier pilings. A couple of them on a pier are fighting over a dead fish. The biggest gulls are about 60 centimeters (2 feet) long and their wings spread out over 150 cm (5 feet)! Their heads are pure white with yellow beaks, and the top of their backs and wings are black.

Other slightly smaller gulls have similar heads but their backs are gray, and the wings are gray with black tips. One flies straight up about 40 feet and drops a mussel on the pier. It then swoops down to eat the mussel because the shell is now broken. The air is filled with their loud squawking! These are herring gulls and black-backed gulls. Try to find them!
Gulls on dock.

Next to the dock a fisherman prepares to go lobstering.

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